A Bag For Incense Sticks – How And Why?

I prefer creating something for my home than buying something. Handmade things have soul. They bring comfort and warmth.

I like sensual therapy and I often use incense sticks. In my home there wasn’t convenient place for the sticks, but I found one.
I made a bag for incense sticks and I hung it on the wall.
It’s easy to be made. I used recycled jeans, yarn and an ornament – elephant .

What did I discover about myself?

Things created by hand are the voice of the soul. Whеn we make something, we can hear ourselves.How?

Each handmade item tells us what the soul feels and wants. By means of the colors, forms, materials, methods of creating and all that the item contains.

I made a pouch  for something that I love. Now, it has nice clothes and a good place at my home. I can use it comfortably.

When we love something, we take care of it . It is important for us. I take special care for my favorite incense sticks.
The bag is brown and blue – the colors of the earth and the sky. I’m a human and I am connected to the ground, but the scent of incense sticks makes me feel freely and naturally like a bird in the sky. It is relax, meditation!

While making the bag, I didn’t think about all that.
That’s why everything we do and create, describes who we are.

Do you like my bag?
Do you like sensual therapy and incense sticks?

I can make a bag for you! Write to me if you want!

I relax and think of you with love!



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