My Etsy shop is open! Yes!

Welcome Friends!

I am glad to announce that online store “Iva’s Art House” is now open and is offering for sale souvenirs, home decoration, gifts for friends and parties.

Bird Quilt

It is Fall and Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are just around the corner. Upcoming parties, family dinners, gatherings with friends and company celebrations are just a few opportunities to give  a personalized gift to the ones we love. Decorating your home is part of the preparations for the holiday. Do you have any ideas? Are you ready?

Iva’s Art offers variety of home decor and unique gifts to help you be creative.

Why buy from Iva’s Art?….It is secret 😉 but I will tell you:

When you buy an item from Iva’s Art, you have gotten yourself part of my time, my inspiration, my imagination, my skills, my love – part of my life. All of that brings you my positive energy.
I add new items to my web shop daily. Visit and browse the selection of quilted art, unique wine bottle costumes (covers), and other gifts handmade with love by Iva.

With each order I send a small present-surprise.

I enjoy creating. You enjoy too with Iva’s Art !