What Can Make From Needless Folders Shelves?

Probably many things. πŸ™‚

But I can sew, knit, cook, write, I am author and organizer of events but I can’t work with metal items.

Look what I made from needless folders shelves for my friend.


Needless folders shelves

Now 1

Now 2

I used parts of cartons, damask fabric and decorative buttons. The result is convenient cupboard with two deep drawers.

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New Low Prices of The Wine Bottle Covers

All wine bottle covers on Iva’s Art House e-shopΒ  sold at new low prices by the end of May, 2014.

Old price 18 $ now – 12 $ are next items:

Number 1

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Number 2

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Number 3

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Number 4

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Number 5

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Number 6

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Old price 21 $ now – 9 $ are Easter wine bottle covers. Now you can buy it cheap and keep for next Easter.

Number 7

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Number 8

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How to make a new lamp from the old?

There are many ways.

Here I show you my one way. I used yarn and my skills to knit πŸ™‚

Look at the pictures:

Before the lamp looked like this:

The old lamp

New style of old lamp:

Capture 1 (Copy)

The new lamp lights up πŸ™‚

Capture 2 (Copy)

After the lamp, I made some more accessories and now the bedside table looks like this:

The bedside table

And another lamp behind the bedside table:

Another lamp

It was fun and pleasure for me to make these items πŸ™‚

Do you have some old lamp? :)))

The Pillows – Comfort and Impact

My funny and elegant pillows πŸ™‚

The pillows are an important part of home decor . They give comfort at home . We sleep on a pillow in the bedroom and also use a pillow when we take a rest in the living room . Often we use a pillow in the car, in the plane or on the yard.
Where else ?
We choose the comfortable pillowΒ  orΒ  compatible it with the color of the sofa , of the room or of the curtains . And yet – the shape , the colors and the materials of the pillows affect on us. They can help us to be calm and relaxed . But it makes not only pillows . All the things around us influence over us.

Here I show you my handmade pillow covers . Each pillow has a title and it shows how impacts on me .

Take a rest with pillow covers by Iva’s Art πŸ™‚

Any severity can be impaired with a little crazy. pillow cover #1These pillow covers I made from damask fabric and recycled denim.

pillow cover #1 - 1

pillow covers #1-2

Outside in nature.

pillow covers # 2It’s made from recycled denim, yarn, embroidery.


pillow covers # 3

It is made from recycled denim with embroidery and cotton fabric. You can buy it from here.


These quilted pillow covers I made from cotton fabric and art cotton fabric “birds”. You can read, watch more pictures or buy it from Iva’s Art e-shop.

birds 1

The first pillow covers with birds were these:

first birds pillow cover

pillow covers for gift

Elegance – patchwork from damask fabric and home decor fabric.


Present –Β fun and surprise πŸ™‚


Please visit my e-shop to watch more pillow covers or buy them πŸ™‚

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