Say “I Love You” to Yoursef

Approaching the day of the lovers. Actually, it is a day of the love messages.
Do you love yourself?

Here is a small creative assignment – write a love message to yourself.

Probably, it is easier you to write to a loved one than to yourself but let’s try.

It would be good to share it because it can be helpful to another. Yes, that’s right – your message to yourself can be instructive to another.

Let’s try to be kind to yourself, and explain your own love to yourself!

That is healthy act, let’s learn to do it!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

With love to myself and to you,



Why I do that?

Because my hands never rest.

More precisely – they rest when they do something.

Then my hands talk between themselves and with me.

You can see the results of these conversations, here or on


Because I am never bored. How about you? 😉

Because life is art.

Be creator of yours.