Special St.Patrick Gift

This set is an elegant home decoration – quilt with st.Patrick design. It contains quilted two pillow covers and a table runner.

It is a gift to my son in law. He is native Irish and st.Patrick is an important day for his family.

St.Patrick Quilted Set 1 photocat 2-1 photocat 3-1Happy St.Patrick’s Day!

Iva 🙂


Surprises for St. Patrick’s Day

My son-in-law is Irish native. His ancestors were settled in USA 140 years ago. Every year his family celebrate Irish holiday St. Patrick and they make a party. This year, we also had invitation.

I was so excited and look what I made for the party:

A handmade gift – Quilted table topper “St.Patrick’s Clover”

Quilted Table Topper

Quilted Table Topper 1

Quilted Table Topper 2

I bought green gift bag from store and I made decoupage with clover on.

Gift Bag with decoupage

Gift Bag with Table Topper Inside

Souse from feta cheese, yogurt, fresh garlic. It can to eat with crackers or chips. I decorated it with real clovers, but please don’t eat decoration :)) In the morning in the day of party when I picked up clovers for decoration, I found a clover with four leafs . I believe that it is big luck for all people of the party because I was picking up clovers for the party not for me. Look at this four leafs clover on the middle.

Garlic souce with real clovers decoration

And my handmade brooch “St.Patrick’s day”.

My handmade brooch

So, and in the end  – dessert “Banana Bread”

Banana Bread

It was nice surprise to my new relations and we had fun together.

We were enjoying – my little granddaughter (half  Irish) and me 🙂

Zoey and me

Enjoy you too!