Wine Bottle Costume “Freshness”


Each wine bottle costume is unique and it brings a message to you or your friends when you give it as a present.

This bottle costume called  is”Freshness”. The decoration is of the flower Snowdrop. This small and tenderly flower is the sign of early Spring. It is the first flower to bloom before the winter is even over. It symbolizes nature waking up and the freshness that comes with Spring.

The message of the wine bottle costume is:

Be first in life, initiator of  good and  new actions. Remember: You are young because your soul does not have wrinkles and it doesn’t get old.

In the pocket of the wine bottle costume is the message.

In the pocket of the wine bottle costume is the message.

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Happy St.Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick wine 1-1This is my handmade present to my friends.
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St. Patrick wine 4-1St. Patrick wine 2St. Patrick wine 3-1Enjoy!

Christmas wine bottle costume

christmas  costumeChristmas is the best time of the year. It makes us better and more generous. Christmas is time for meditation, shared love, peace and happiness.

But what is pleasure without wine?

Give a bottle of wine to yourself or the loved people.

Add the Christmas spirit to your present with my handmade wine bottle costumes.
Make the bottle animated.

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Happy Holidays !

Wine bottle costumes

Unique whims

Wine is the drink of the Gods. Wine production is a hard work and in some cultures it is a ritual, which hands down. People have been drinking wine since the distant past and will in the future. We have this magic drink when we are happy, sad or have special occasions. A bottle of wine is a preferable present to dear friends.

But however delicious the wine may be, some time later we forget in what connection we had received that bottle of wine and nothing reminds us of the warm feelings and emotions of the person who made the present.
This could be changed if each bottle has a special costume. The handmade costume expressing your love, respect, best wishes or excuse will be unique. It will show your message and the gift will be very personal and special.
Bottles could be kept as a souvenir

You can choose one out of the models shown in my blog or I can prepare a covering according to your concept.
Make your present a work of art!
Be authentic and cute!
Let me help you give smiles and joy to your dear friends.

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