Why I do that?

Because my hands never rest.

More precisely – they rest when they do something.

Then my hands talk between themselves and with me.

You can see the results of these conversations, here or on etsy.com


Because I am never bored. How about you? πŸ˜‰

Because life is art.

Be creator of yours.



Cheerful Lady’s Backpack

I made this backpack for me. The reason was family summer trip to the west coast in the states of Washington and Oregon.

Cheerful backpack

It is similar to a purse, but the most convenient to use for vacation activities. I also use it for a walk in the park or a picnic somewhere.
For this project I used 99% recycled materials – jeans, stretch cotton pants, cotton sheets, handles, zipper, buttons. Only thread, velcro and batting are the new materials.

Cheerful backpack 1

It was fun to completed all these materials and create the design. The realization of this project was relaxation time for me.
In backpack, there is a special room for a bottle of water because water is a very important thing for our health. It should be with us everywhere.Β Here are some details of the backpack:

 Details of backpackI love my cheerful backpack and hope, it can be an inspiration for some of your future projects. πŸ™‚

I will be very happy if you share them with me. πŸ™‚

Thank you! πŸ™‚

Picnic or Shopping Bag

You choose how to use this multi-functional bag. πŸ™‚

Picnic and shopping bag

Here, I show you a project, part of my recycle art . I used denim, cotton sheets, burlap, cotton T-shirt, buttons and polyester batting. Design is a result of my imagination and my experience to organize luggage for easy moving and use. There are many great pockets on the lining.

Picnic and shopping bag collage

You can make a similar bag, if you have little skills to sew. It’s so much fun to create design from recycled materials.

Here is my email if you have any questions:

You are welcome in Iva’s Art e-shop for more recycled ideas.

Thank you!

Enjoy the life!

Iva πŸ˜‰

Special St.Patrick Gift

This set is an elegant home decoration – quilt with st.Patrick design. It contains quilted two pillow covers and a table runner.

It is a gift to my son in law. He is native Irish and st.Patrick is an important day for his family.

St.Patrick Quilted Set 1 photocat 2-1 photocat 3-1Happy St.Patrick’s Day!

Iva πŸ™‚

Wreath “Baba Marta” – A Strange Project

Do you remember the Bulgarian tradition “Baba Marta“? You can read it again if you forgot.
This is a beautiful and fun tradition for health and happiness.

To decorate with a wreath is not typical, but I love it. This year I made a project “Baba Marta Wreath.”

Here’s how it started.

the beginningTwo weeks ago I made both dolls from yarn. They are a characteristic symbol of tradition. Their names are Pijo (for the man – white doll) and Penda (for the woman – red doll).

Pijo and Penda

I wanted the wreath to brings spring mood and to looks fresh. That was the reason to used plastic flowers resembling snowdrop.

like snowdropAnd here is the finished wreath.Β  Do you feel how it smells of spring? :)))

The wreath "Baba Marta"Here, you can see models 2016 of martenitsa.

Do you like the wreath? πŸ™‚ Here, you can make order and buy it.

Enjoy with us. Why not?

Happy Baba Marta! :))

Thank you for visiting!


Why is it lovely to have a pillow cover with a picture?

Pillows are an important part of our home decor and our rest at home. But they can be a wonderful memory about people, places and events. It will remember you about this matter every time when you see the pillow if you have it somewhere at home. Also, it is an unusual way to give this memory as a gift to someone. It means that this person, place or event is very important for you. Often these gifts are a great surprise because it is so exciting to see yourself or the memory on the pillow.
Here are some pillow covers by Iva’s Art House and their stories.

These pillow covers were make for Christmas gifts.

Christmas gift

Christmas gift

Pillow cover with a picture 2

Next pillow cover was made for gift to great-grandma who lives so far from herΒ great-granddaughters. She is my mom. πŸ™‚

Pillow cover with picture 3

On this pillow cover are future parents, some days before baby’s birth.

Pillow cover with picture 4

Next – it is a gift to my custom friend’s birthday – her favorite actor is on the picture.

Pillow cover with a picture 5

Pillow cover that is bellow is a Mother’s day gift. On the picture – mom and grandma of my custom long time ago. How is cute?

Pillow cover  with a picture 6

You can use these pillow covers as ideas for your pillow with a picture.
Here are more picture ideas: nature, pets, flowers, important family moments, favorite places, trip, funny moments.

If you want to keep something or someone close to you, convert its picture to pillow. πŸ˜‰

Reminder: Do not become attached to the pillow!

There is just loving memory, but your life is here and now. πŸ™‚

I enjoy to create and I hope that you enjoy with Iva’s Art, too!

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Thank you!

I love Halloween

I am glad that Halloween is near, again.

I love Halloween because in itΒ  mixed scary and funny, and it is the reason about many ideas for creation.

What do you say to have fabric box? Its applique brings Halloween spirit and it is multifunctional.Β  You can put it pot with plant or candy.

Pot with plant

Halloween candy

Halloween fabric box

During the day of Halloween you can wear a negligent bracelet from denim. It can be a gift to friends.

Halloween bracelet

Halloween bracelet 1

If you looking for crazy, but lovely things for Halloween decoration and gifts, follow this way πŸ˜‰

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Thank you!:)