Ideas for Halloween 2015

Welcome at my art house! 🙂

Now I show you some projects that I made as home decoration. They bring Halloween spirit at my home.
The basically idea in my projects is – to be funny, but not scary.

Here is scarecrow Birdey.


Hi Birdey,
How do you feel?

– I feel very nice on this warm wall. I love my clothes. Here there are not rain and winds, there are two sweet girls and baby boy at home and they are happy to have me.

Here how was “born” Birdey :

scarecrow process

Next is ghost Smiley.


How are you some days before Halloween?
– I am fine and so happy. I can’t wait Halloween evening when two little girls and baby boy will be here and say “trick or treat?” It’s gonna be a lot of fun :)))

Fabric pumpkins are so cute, too!


… And quilted wall hanging with printed sheet 🙂

wall hanging

For each of these projects, I used old clothes – jeans, pants, shirts. It was so fun and relaxation to created that.

Life is Art!



Candles – decoupage

Halloween is closer and here what more you can make for decoration or gift.
What are you need?

needed Candles, decoupage glue, Halloween napkins, scissor, brush, and your imagination.

Halloween candles

Here is some ideas for Christmas :

needed things

Christmas candle  2

Christmas candle 3

Christmas candle 4

and st.Valentine :

Valentine's candle

It is fun and pleasure!


Why is it lovely to have a pillow cover with a picture?

Pillows are an important part of our home decor and our rest at home. But they can be a wonderful memory about people, places and events. It will remember you about this matter every time when you see the pillow if you have it somewhere at home. Also, it is an unusual way to give this memory as a gift to someone. It means that this person, place or event is very important for you. Often these gifts are a great surprise because it is so exciting to see yourself or the memory on the pillow.
Here are some pillow covers by Iva’s Art House and their stories.

These pillow covers were make for Christmas gifts.

Christmas gift

Christmas gift

Pillow cover with a picture 2

Next pillow cover was made for gift to great-grandma who lives so far from her great-granddaughters. She is my mom. 🙂

Pillow cover with picture 3

On this pillow cover are future parents, some days before baby’s birth.

Pillow cover with picture 4

Next – it is a gift to my custom friend’s birthday – her favorite actor is on the picture.

Pillow cover with a picture 5

Pillow cover that is bellow is a Mother’s day gift. On the picture – mom and grandma of my custom long time ago. How is cute?

Pillow cover  with a picture 6

You can use these pillow covers as ideas for your pillow with a picture.
Here are more picture ideas: nature, pets, flowers, important family moments, favorite places, trip, funny moments.

If you want to keep something or someone close to you, convert its picture to pillow. 😉

Reminder: Do not become attached to the pillow!

There is just loving memory, but your life is here and now. 🙂

I enjoy to create and I hope that you enjoy with Iva’s Art, too!

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Thank you!

A Bag For Incense Sticks – How And Why?

I prefer creating something for my home than buying something. Handmade things have soul. They bring comfort and warmth.

I like sensual therapy and I often use incense sticks. In my home there wasn’t convenient place for the sticks, but I found one.
I made a bag for incense sticks and I hung it on the wall.
It’s easy to be made. I used recycled jeans, yarn and an ornament – elephant .

What did I discover about myself?

Things created by hand are the voice of the soul. Whеn we make something, we can hear ourselves.How?

Each handmade item tells us what the soul feels and wants. By means of the colors, forms, materials, methods of creating and all that the item contains.

I made a pouch  for something that I love. Now, it has nice clothes and a good place at my home. I can use it comfortably.

When we love something, we take care of it . It is important for us. I take special care for my favorite incense sticks.
The bag is brown and blue – the colors of the earth and the sky. I’m a human and I am connected to the ground, but the scent of incense sticks makes me feel freely and naturally like a bird in the sky. It is relax, meditation!

While making the bag, I didn’t think about all that.
That’s why everything we do and create, describes who we are.

Do you like my bag?
Do you like sensual therapy and incense sticks?

I can make a bag for you! Write to me if you want!

I relax and think of you with love!