Candles – decoupage

Halloween is closer and here what more you can make for decoration or gift.
What are you need?

needed Candles, decoupage glue, Halloween napkins, scissor, brush, and your imagination.

Halloween candles

Here is some ideas for Christmas :

needed things

Christmas candle  2

Christmas candle 3

Christmas candle 4

and st.Valentine :

Valentine's candle

It is fun and pleasure!



Why is it lovely to have a pillow cover with a picture?

Pillows are an important part of our home decor and our rest at home. But they can be a wonderful memory about people, places and events. It will remember you about this matter every time when you see the pillow if you have it somewhere at home. Also, it is an unusual way to give this memory as a gift to someone. It means that this person, place or event is very important for you. Often these gifts are a great surprise because it is so exciting to see yourself or the memory on the pillow.
Here are some pillow covers by Iva’s Art House and their stories.

These pillow covers were make for Christmas gifts.

Christmas gift

Christmas gift

Pillow cover with a picture 2

Next pillow cover was made for gift to great-grandma who lives so far from herย great-granddaughters. She is my mom. ๐Ÿ™‚

Pillow cover with picture 3

On this pillow cover are future parents, some days before baby’s birth.

Pillow cover with picture 4

Next – it is a gift to my custom friend’s birthday – her favorite actor is on the picture.

Pillow cover with a picture 5

Pillow cover that is bellow is a Mother’s day gift. On the picture – mom and grandma of my custom long time ago. How is cute?

Pillow cover  with a picture 6

You can use these pillow covers as ideas for your pillow with a picture.
Here are more picture ideas: nature, pets, flowers, important family moments, favorite places, trip, funny moments.

If you want to keep something or someone close to you, convert its picture to pillow. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Reminder: Do not become attached to the pillow!

There is just loving memory, but your life is here and now. ๐Ÿ™‚

I enjoy to create and I hope that you enjoy with Iva’s Art, too!

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Thank you!

New Low Prices of The Wine Bottle Covers

All wine bottle covers on Iva’s Art House e-shopย  sold at new low prices by the end of May, 2014.

Old price 18 $ now – 12 $ are next items:

Number 1

# 1You can read more about it from here .

Number 2

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Number 3

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Number 4

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Old price 21 $, new – 12 $ are next items:

Number 5

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Number 6

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Old price 21 $ now – 9 $ are Easter wine bottle covers. Now you can buy it cheap and keep for next Easter.

Number 7

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Number 8

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Christmas is knocking on the door

Christmas is a wonderful time. I love it ! ๐Ÿ™‚
People express the best of themselves around Christmas. It’s time to create different things. What did Iva’s Art House ?

I like to use recycled materials. They are a great inspiration for me. I used recycled and new materials, and made โ€‹โ€‹unconventional, but very nice Christmas stockings . The Christmas stocking is the most popular symbol after the Christmas tree.

A part of them

Table runners and placemates are part of the Christmas decorations in your home. Iva’s Art made โ€‹โ€‹a small collection of them :

A red square - #3

Small Table Runner # 4

 Mod. # 1 - White, Long

Table Runner # 2 - square

I’m proud of wall hanging art quilt “Christmas Night“. It is a wonderful wall decoration .

Wall Hanging "Christmas Night"

The new non-traditional item by Iva’s Art is a sweet surprise for your loved ones. It is a special wall hanging Christmas decorations.

Non-Traditional Christmas Decoration

There are several ideas on how to use these pockets:

1) If you have two children at home, you can put in the pockets some candies or small present some days before Christmas (for 24 or less) as a sign from Santa that he is coming soon. This had become a tradition for my children that they follow-up to this day as adults with their kids. It is fun and brings the Christmas spirit to your home in morning.

2) You can write the name of your partner in life – husband, wife, girl- or boyfriend or fiance. Every day before Christmas, you can show your love with small present or simply a written message, such as:

You are the best thing that had ever happened to me!
I can’t imagine life without you!
You are the most important person to me.
You make me happy.
Thank you about your care!
…. Or all that your heart feels.

These thoughtful ideas can warm-up every soul and make the day special in the Christmas spirit.

This season you can buy also Christmas wine bottle costume.

Christmas - Cover of Wine BottleSome bags for Christmas candy are available too.

Bad for Christmas Candy

My online shop is near ๐Ÿ™‚

When you buy an item from Iva’s Art, you have gotten yourself part of my time, my inspiration, my imagination, my skills, my love – part of my life. All of that brings you my positive energy.

With each purchase I send a small present-surprise from me.
I enjoy creating. You can enjoy it too with Iva’s Art !

Thank you!
by Iva

Christmas wine bottle costume

christmas  costumeChristmas is the best time of the year. It makes us better and more generous. Christmas is time for meditation, shared love, peace and happiness.

But what is pleasure without wine?

Give a bottle of wine to yourself or the loved people.

Add the Christmas spirit to your present with my handmade wine bottle costumes.
Make the bottle animated.

Choose and buy one out of my collection or just enjoy them.




Happy Holidays !

Wine bottle costumes

Unique whims

Wine is the drink of the Gods. Wine production is a hard work and in some cultures it is a ritual, which hands down. People have been drinking wine since the distant past and will in the future. We have this magic drink when we are happy, sad or have special occasions. A bottle of wine is a preferable present to dear friends.

But however delicious the wine may be, some time later we forget in what connection we had received that bottle of wine and nothing reminds us of the warm feelings and emotions of the person who made the present.
This could be changed if each bottle has a special costume. The handmade costume expressing your love, respect, best wishes or excuse will be unique. It will show your message and the gift will be very personal and special.
Bottles could be kept as a souvenir

You can choose one out of the models shown in my blog or I can prepare a covering according to your concept.
Make your present a work of art!
Be authentic and cute!
Let me help you give smiles and joy to your dear friends.

Please, visit my web shop and browse the selection different handmade items made with love by me – Iva ๐Ÿ™‚


A “Santa” Doll with Card

Santa always brings joy and smiles.

I made the Santa doll from yarn and a glass bottle. This souvenir combines my love, piece, harmony and creativity that I want to share with you when you buy this wonderful Christmas gift. This souvenir sends a message from your heart and soul to your loved ones!

The Santa Doll can be gift for yourself, for a dear friend, for a family or can be used as a home decoration. This Santa Doll brings piece and love for you and your loved ones.

“I am your connection with childhood. I live in the childhood and I bring from there love and fun.

I love you! You love yourself!”


Enjoy! Marry Christmas!