Cheerful Lady’s Backpack

I made this backpack for me. The reason was family summer trip to the west coast in the states of Washington and Oregon.

Cheerful backpack

It is similar to a purse, but the most convenient to use for vacation activities. I also use it for a walk in the park or a picnic somewhere.
For this project I used 99% recycled materials – jeans, stretch cotton pants, cotton sheets, handles, zipper, buttons. Only thread, velcro and batting are the new materials.

Cheerful backpack 1

It was fun to completed all these materials and create the design. The realization of this project was relaxation time for me.
In backpack, there is a special room for a bottle of water because water is a very important thing for our health. It should be with us everywhere.Β Here are some details of the backpack:

 Details of backpackI love my cheerful backpack and hope, it can be an inspiration for some of your future projects. πŸ™‚

I will be very happy if you share them with me. πŸ™‚

Thank you! πŸ™‚