Patchwork without Cutting Tools

It was fun, love, and great desire to learn quilt.

I’ve been sewing and knitting for the past 30 years. I have sew skills and experience as an owner and designer of a fashion house but never make patchwork.

My first patchwork  I made before Halloween 2012. I didn’t have special cutting tools but wanted to try. It was so difficult work but I started the project – Halloween patchwork table topper. I put lining from polyester fabric on the back side.

photocat 1 text

First option

Next year, I took off the lining and made from the old patchwork topper new quilted table topper.

photocat 2 text

Remodel process

Soon, after first patchwork project I bought the basic tools. From two old shirts and a box I made doll’s bed to my granddaughter. It was my first experience with the full quilting process and  using recycled materials.

I’m not afraid to remodel my life. Don’t afraid you too.

With love,

Iva 🙂



Doll’s Bed from Recycled Materials

This is my first project with cutting tools. I was learning to use them in 2012 when I began to learn patchwork and quilt. The doll’s bed was surprise to my older granddaughter but now it is toy for my two granddaughters.

I used 3 old shirts as cotton fabric, filling, polyester batting, a box and here is the result:

photocat 1

The bed with the mattress

photocat 2

The pillow

photocat text

And the blanket with an applique

It was fun to create it and also my little girls have so much fun whenever they play with doll’s bed.

Create your own world!

With love,
Iva 🙂