Ideas for Halloween 2015

Welcome at my art house! 🙂

Now I show you some projects that I made as home decoration. They bring Halloween spirit at my home.
The basically idea in my projects is – to be funny, but not scary.

Here is scarecrow Birdey.


Hi Birdey,
How do you feel?

– I feel very nice on this warm wall. I love my clothes. Here there are not rain and winds, there are two sweet girls and baby boy at home and they are happy to have me.

Here how was “born” Birdey :

scarecrow process

Next is ghost Smiley.


How are you some days before Halloween?
– I am fine and so happy. I can’t wait Halloween evening when two little girls and baby boy will be here and say “trick or treat?” It’s gonna be a lot of fun :)))

Fabric pumpkins are so cute, too!


… And quilted wall hanging with printed sheet 🙂

wall hanging

For each of these projects, I used old clothes – jeans, pants, shirts. It was so fun and relaxation to created that.

Life is Art!



Special St.Patrick Gift

This set is an elegant home decoration – quilt with st.Patrick design. It contains quilted two pillow covers and a table runner.

It is a gift to my son in law. He is native Irish and st.Patrick is an important day for his family.

St.Patrick Quilted Set 1 photocat 2-1 photocat 3-1Happy St.Patrick’s Day!

Iva 🙂

I love Halloween

I am glad that Halloween is near, again.

I love Halloween because in it  mixed scary and funny, and it is the reason about many ideas for creation.

What do you say to have fabric box? Its applique brings Halloween spirit and it is multifunctional.  You can put it pot with plant or candy.

Pot with plant

Halloween candy

Halloween fabric box

During the day of Halloween you can wear a negligent bracelet from denim. It can be a gift to friends.

Halloween bracelet

Halloween bracelet 1

If you looking for crazy, but lovely things for Halloween decoration and gifts, follow this way 😉

Please share it if you like Iva’s Art.

Thank you!:)

Handmade Gifts to Women

These items are  gifts to my friends. I hope they are helpful and convenient. Each of them, I made with love and good thinks to the women who will use this thing.

When you buy or receive as gift handmade item from Iva’s Art, you have gotten yourself part of my time, my inspiration, my imagination, my skills, my love – part of my life. All of that brings you my positive energy. It is nice! I love it!

So, about the gifts ! :))

Recycled denim is a source of inspiration for me. I love to use this material.

Look personalized purses from recycled denim:

Purse # 1

Purse # 1-1

Purses #1-2

Another one:

Purse # 2

Purse # 2-1

Purse # 2-2

This cosmetic bag is one of my first quilted  items.

Quilted cosmetic bag

Quilted cosmetic bag 1

Quilted cosmetic bag 2

And organizer for purse:

Organizer for purse

Organizer for purse 1

Wait to see collection  “Gifts to women”  in Iva’s Art House e-shop . Soon! 🙂

Thank you! 🙂

The Pillows – Comfort and Impact

My funny and elegant pillows 🙂

The pillows are an important part of home decor . They give comfort at home . We sleep on a pillow in the bedroom and also use a pillow when we take a rest in the living room . Often we use a pillow in the car, in the plane or on the yard.
Where else ?
We choose the comfortable pillow  or  compatible it with the color of the sofa , of the room or of the curtains . And yet – the shape , the colors and the materials of the pillows affect on us. They can help us to be calm and relaxed . But it makes not only pillows . All the things around us influence over us.

Here I show you my handmade pillow covers . Each pillow has a title and it shows how impacts on me .

Take a rest with pillow covers by Iva’s Art 🙂

Any severity can be impaired with a little crazy. pillow cover #1These pillow covers I made from damask fabric and recycled denim.

pillow cover #1 - 1

pillow covers #1-2

Outside in nature.

pillow covers # 2It’s made from recycled denim, yarn, embroidery.


pillow covers # 3

It is made from recycled denim with embroidery and cotton fabric. You can buy it from here.


These quilted pillow covers I made from cotton fabric and art cotton fabric “birds”. You can read, watch more pictures or buy it from Iva’s Art e-shop.

birds 1

The first pillow covers with birds were these:

first birds pillow cover

pillow covers for gift

Elegance – patchwork from damask fabric and home decor fabric.


Present – fun and surprise 🙂


Please visit my e-shop to watch more pillow covers or buy them 🙂

Thank you for visit. I hope you to come here again.


Ideas for Valentine’s Day

The legend says that Valentine’s Day is a day of love messages. Now, this day is a reason to say again “I love you”, to give a gift, to celebrate your love.

Valentine’s Day is a great way to give unusual gift to your loved one. Here are my ideas for a memorable personal gift to other one and nice Valentine’s Day.
Are you ready? Let’s read! 🙂

Quilted Pillow Cover with Picture on a Cotton Sheets Printed

Loving Cover Pillow

On the pillow can to be your picture. The colors of the fabrics will matched colors of your photo . If you like it can to make a order.

Costume (Cover) of Bottle Wine for Valentine’s Day

Costume (Cover) of Bottle Wine for Valentine's Day #1Costume (Cover) of Bottle Wine for Valentine's Day # 2These covers of bottle can be a gift for a woman or a man. The wine bottle is additional. Your gift is the costume of the bottle. It is important because the costume explains your love to the other.
The picture on the costume is a message from you – “I give you my heart.”
Is it sweet?
On the costumes there is a pocket. You can put in it your personal message about your love….
This wine bottle cover can to be gift every time when you want to express your love or respect to other person.

Do you like it? You can to buy them.

What about Thanksgiving?

I made quilted placemats “Give Thanks” (four in the set).
It is my idea for table decoration. I used warm colors cotton fabrics with fall spirit.
These placemats are nice decor about Thanksgiving and during the fall season.
They are made from cotton fabric and polyester fiber-fill. These double-sided placemats are functional and convenient. After the fall season and the holidays turn they over and you have a new floral placemats.

I am so excited to give the placemats as a gift to my daughter’s family.

TG 1

TG 2

TG 3

TG 4