Inspirations from Recycled Denim

Recycled denim is one of my favorite materials. It’s matches with many colors and fabrics. I like the character of denim.
Often, I use it. Probably you remembering the aprons, purses, wine bottle covers, decorative pillow cover, made from recycled denim.
Now, I introduce quilted laptop case “Star wars”.



If you want to buy it, please visit Iva’s Art Etsy-shop.

I am proud with another item from recycled denim – Wall hanging jewelry organizer. Also, you can use it to organize other small things.

photocat 1

eduted 1 text

I'm happy 1 text

If you want to buy one, please visit Iva’s Art Etsy-shop.

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Aprons with Flowers from Recycled Denim

Here’s an idea how to use old jeans. You can do many things from recycled denim and I’ll show you some of them in other posts. Now, I present children’s aprons. I made them to my two little granddaughters and one to my daughter because girls love to cook with their mom together. Wearing aprons, they have more fun in the kitchen.

As lining I used cotton fabric and recycled cotton printed sheet. The appliques are made also from the prints of the same cotton materials.

photocat Maria text

Maria’s apron

photocat Zoey text

Zoey’s apron

You can see other items from recycled denim by Iva’s Art :

Women’s purses

Lady’s backpack

Picnic or shopping bag

Wine bottle costume  , other one

Pillow cover

Keychain “Happy Owl”

Gift tag

Jewelry wall hanging organizer

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Picnic or Shopping Bag

You choose how to use this multi-functional bag. 🙂

Picnic and shopping bag

Here, I show you a project, part of my recycle art . I used denim, cotton sheets, burlap, cotton T-shirt, buttons and polyester batting. Design is a result of my imagination and my experience to organize luggage for easy moving and use. There are many great pockets on the lining.

Picnic and shopping bag collage

You can make a similar bag, if you have little skills to sew. It’s so much fun to create design from recycled materials.

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Handmade Gifts to Women

These items are  gifts to my friends. I hope they are helpful and convenient. Each of them, I made with love and good thinks to the women who will use this thing.

When you buy or receive as gift handmade item from Iva’s Art, you have gotten yourself part of my time, my inspiration, my imagination, my skills, my love – part of my life. All of that brings you my positive energy. It is nice! I love it!

So, about the gifts ! :))

Recycled denim is a source of inspiration for me. I love to use this material.

Look personalized purses from recycled denim:

Purse # 1

Purse # 1-1

Purses #1-2

Another one:

Purse # 2

Purse # 2-1

Purse # 2-2

This cosmetic bag is one of my first quilted  items.

Quilted cosmetic bag

Quilted cosmetic bag 1

Quilted cosmetic bag 2

And organizer for purse:

Organizer for purse

Organizer for purse 1

Wait to see collection  “Gifts to women”  in Iva’s Art House e-shop . Soon! 🙂

Thank you! 🙂