Ideas for Halloween 2015

Welcome at my art house! 🙂

Now I show you some projects that I made as home decoration. They bring Halloween spirit at my home.
The basically idea in my projects is – to be funny, but not scary.

Here is scarecrow Birdey.


Hi Birdey,
How do you feel?

– I feel very nice on this warm wall. I love my clothes. Here there are not rain and winds, there are two sweet girls and baby boy at home and they are happy to have me.

Here how was “born” Birdey :

scarecrow process

Next is ghost Smiley.


How are you some days before Halloween?
– I am fine and so happy. I can’t wait Halloween evening when two little girls and baby boy will be here and say “trick or treat?” It’s gonna be a lot of fun :)))

Fabric pumpkins are so cute, too!


… And quilted wall hanging with printed sheet 🙂

wall hanging

For each of these projects, I used old clothes – jeans, pants, shirts. It was so fun and relaxation to created that.

Life is Art!



I love Halloween

I am glad that Halloween is near, again.

I love Halloween because in it  mixed scary and funny, and it is the reason about many ideas for creation.

What do you say to have fabric box? Its applique brings Halloween spirit and it is multifunctional.  You can put it pot with plant or candy.

Pot with plant

Halloween candy

Halloween fabric box

During the day of Halloween you can wear a negligent bracelet from denim. It can be a gift to friends.

Halloween bracelet

Halloween bracelet 1

If you looking for crazy, but lovely things for Halloween decoration and gifts, follow this way 😉

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Thank you!:)

New Low Prices of The Wine Bottle Covers

All wine bottle covers on Iva’s Art House e-shop  sold at new low prices by the end of May, 2014.

Old price 18 $ now – 12 $ are next items:

Number 1

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Number 2

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Number 3

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Number 4

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Number 5

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Number 6

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Old price 21 $ now – 9 $ are Easter wine bottle covers. Now you can buy it cheap and keep for next Easter.

Number 7

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Number 8

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Let’s to visit Iva’s Art House e-shop! 🙂

Welcome! 🙂

Thank you! 🙂

Christmas is knocking on the door

Christmas is a wonderful time. I love it ! 🙂
People express the best of themselves around Christmas. It’s time to create different things. What did Iva’s Art House ?

I like to use recycled materials. They are a great inspiration for me. I used recycled and new materials, and made ​​unconventional, but very nice Christmas stockings . The Christmas stocking is the most popular symbol after the Christmas tree.

A part of them

Table runners and placemates are part of the Christmas decorations in your home. Iva’s Art made ​​a small collection of them :

A red square - #3

Small Table Runner # 4

 Mod. # 1 - White, Long

Table Runner # 2 - square

I’m proud of wall hanging art quilt “Christmas Night“. It is a wonderful wall decoration .

Wall Hanging "Christmas Night"

The new non-traditional item by Iva’s Art is a sweet surprise for your loved ones. It is a special wall hanging Christmas decorations.

Non-Traditional Christmas Decoration

There are several ideas on how to use these pockets:

1) If you have two children at home, you can put in the pockets some candies or small present some days before Christmas (for 24 or less) as a sign from Santa that he is coming soon. This had become a tradition for my children that they follow-up to this day as adults with their kids. It is fun and brings the Christmas spirit to your home in morning.

2) You can write the name of your partner in life – husband, wife, girl- or boyfriend or fiance. Every day before Christmas, you can show your love with small present or simply a written message, such as:

You are the best thing that had ever happened to me!
I can’t imagine life without you!
You are the most important person to me.
You make me happy.
Thank you about your care!
…. Or all that your heart feels.

These thoughtful ideas can warm-up every soul and make the day special in the Christmas spirit.

This season you can buy also Christmas wine bottle costume.

Christmas - Cover of Wine BottleSome bags for Christmas candy are available too.

Bad for Christmas Candy

My online shop is near 🙂

When you buy an item from Iva’s Art, you have gotten yourself part of my time, my inspiration, my imagination, my skills, my love – part of my life. All of that brings you my positive energy.

With each purchase I send a small present-surprise from me.
I enjoy creating. You can enjoy it too with Iva’s Art !

Thank you!
by Iva

Wine Bottle Costume “Freshness”


Each wine bottle costume is unique and it brings a message to you or your friends when you give it as a present.

This bottle costume called  is”Freshness”. The decoration is of the flower Snowdrop. This small and tenderly flower is the sign of early Spring. It is the first flower to bloom before the winter is even over. It symbolizes nature waking up and the freshness that comes with Spring.

The message of the wine bottle costume is:

Be first in life, initiator of  good and  new actions. Remember: You are young because your soul does not have wrinkles and it doesn’t get old.

In the pocket of the wine bottle costume is the message.

In the pocket of the wine bottle costume is the message.

Do you like it? 🙂
You can buy this item from

With love,

A Bag For Incense Sticks – How And Why?

I prefer creating something for my home than buying something. Handmade things have soul. They bring comfort and warmth.

I like sensual therapy and I often use incense sticks. In my home there wasn’t convenient place for the sticks, but I found one.
I made a bag for incense sticks and I hung it on the wall.
It’s easy to be made. I used recycled jeans, yarn and an ornament – elephant .

What did I discover about myself?

Things created by hand are the voice of the soul. Whеn we make something, we can hear ourselves.How?

Each handmade item tells us what the soul feels and wants. By means of the colors, forms, materials, methods of creating and all that the item contains.

I made a pouch  for something that I love. Now, it has nice clothes and a good place at my home. I can use it comfortably.

When we love something, we take care of it . It is important for us. I take special care for my favorite incense sticks.
The bag is brown and blue – the colors of the earth and the sky. I’m a human and I am connected to the ground, but the scent of incense sticks makes me feel freely and naturally like a bird in the sky. It is relax, meditation!

While making the bag, I didn’t think about all that.
That’s why everything we do and create, describes who we are.

Do you like my bag?
Do you like sensual therapy and incense sticks?

I can make a bag for you! Write to me if you want!

I relax and think of you with love!