Welcome! Nice to meet you! :)
Welcome to my web art house.

Why Art?
I believe that all in life is art – to love, work, raise a family and take care of nature, children, yourself or other people. When we make all that with love, we create our own art called life.
We all are authors and need to create. That is the man’s nature.
Do you know that created by hands is the voice of the soul? The colors, forms, materials, methods of doing and each created item tell us what the soul feels and wants in this moment.
I like making different things.
You can read “Iva’s art” to find out how I express my soul’s voice through my items.

Why a House?
The real house gives us warmth and love. I make my art items with love. This love warms you when you watch or touch them.
In the real house there is food for body. Iva’s art gives enjoyment – food for your soul.
In the house there is place for rest. Iva’s art gives smile, harmony and takes us back to childhood, where all of us are natural.

Welcome to my web art house.

I receive every my guest with love because you are like me. Everyone is unique, but all of us look for love, fun and happiness.
I hope in “Iva’s art house” you will find more.

3 thoughts on “Welcome

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